First Four Minute Mile Replay

with commentary from Sir Roger Bannister

Interviews with George

This—from White Mountains TV16— is the most recent interview with Rev. Dr. George Dole about the Four Minute Mile. It took place on Sunday, August 3, 2014. George is accompanied by Dole 3 Miler Race Director Jon Crowe.

Enjoy this brief reportage from WCSH 6 in Portland, Maine filmed last week and aired on May 6, 2014, the sixtieth anniversary of “The Four Minute Mile,” one of history’s most celebrated athletic events.

We also encourage you to read the full text of their blog post on the WCSH 6 website.

This WMTW Channel 8 interview with Rev. Dr. George Dole continues to develop perspective and awareness of that great May day in sports history in 1954.

We’ve recently learned of a Kickstarter project—already fully funded, so we have the contemplated finished product to look forward to!—that is a video documentary on the 60th anniversary of the 4:00 mile!

The promotional video—which includes some interview segments with George Dole (of course!)—is wonderful. Enjoy!